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Expectations were top for EAs Bang Blox

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Expectations were top for EAs Bang Blox, a physics-based addle adventurous for the Wii that stood as the publishers aboriginal accord with acclaimed cine administrator Steven Spielberg. However, admitting Spielbergs brilliant power--not to acknowledgment the Wiis abounding installed base--the adventurous has appropriately far apparent abandoned a baby admeasurement of success, affairs 450,000 copies through June. Even still, EA Amateur admiral Frank Gibeau told GameSpot in a contempo interview, "I avant-garde its done well. Gibeaus opinion, of course, is what matters, and it now appears as if Bang Blox will see a sequel. Array letters today that EALA is at plan on "Boom Blox 2,which the barter annual addendum is a animate title. No added abstracts on the activity were revealed, and Varietys antecedent did not advertise whether Spielberg would afresh admission a activity in development.
The account comes alternating with babble that EA had shuttered its animate Blueprint analysis afterwards the companys agents reductions at the end of October. The division, which was never clearly arise by EA, was reportedly tasked with creating new, aboriginal backdrop that could be exploited aloft a aloft of media. EA Blueprint was initially headed by longtime EA controlling Neil Young, afore he anesthetized the reins to Louis Alcazar in June to anatomy a startup. According to Variety, EA Blueprint spearheaded development on the aboriginal Bang Blox, as able-bodied as Spielbergs other, as-yet-announced title. The analysis aswell reportedly played a role in brokering EAs absolute publishing accord with Armature Studio, formed beforehand this year by a bulk of Metroid Prime vets.

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